To link your sets of piping, Equip'Inox holds for you a complete stock of fittings and unions in stainless steel, complying with the most usual norms of piping.



  Standard connecting fitting

  Special connecting fitting


  • Adapters (standard Supports, Clamps, Connections)
  • Assembly by 1/2 shells: RFR, SMS, DIN, CLAMP
  • Bulkhead union
  • Chuck keys
  • Connections 3 parts: threading GAS or NPT
  • Connections with cams
  • Connections with round nets for ISO tube: RFR, SMS, DIN 11851, MACON…
  • Fast anti-pollution valve couplers
  • Joints (Epdm, Gylon, Kalrez, Jacket, PTFE, Silicone, Viton…)
  • Protected connections
  • Quick action couplings
  • Revolving connections: RFR, DIN, SMS…
  • Symetric couplings or firemen
  • Threaded ends, tapped, eccentric reduction…
  • TriClamps bolted
  • TriClamps large diameter
  • TriClamps protected
  • TriClamps with grips (installation facilitated)
  • TriClamps: metric, ISO, 3A
  • Special Adapter,
  • Fold back PTFE Adapters "made to measure",
  • Massive PTFE adapters,
  • Conical massive PTFE Adapter,
  • Clamps bent,
  • Clamps for glove compartment,
  • Connections with round nets ISOSMS…



Unions with round nets : RFR ~ SMS ~ DIN ~ MACON ~ ISOSMS    


CLAMP unions : metric, iso, 3A                                                                       




Turning coupling                                                                                                 

PTFE Liner adapters                                                                                                 



Various connections                                                                                                 



FlexibleUnionsSpecificIndustrial valves