In complement to its range of products, Equip'Inox studies, designs and makes custom solutions perfectly satisfying the needs of each client.

Discover below, some of our creations :


  • Autoclave
  • Massive Ptfe adapter
  • Inert gas block for barrel
  • Suction cane
  • Inert gas suction cane
  • Fluids transfert caddie
  • Filter with cartridge
  • Filter with dual envelope
  • Insulated flexible device
  • Decantation glasses
  • Filtering basket
  • Manual nozzle
  • Manual insulated nozzle
  • ...



Fluids transfert caddie, ATEX qualification                                        
This unit is composed of the following elements:
  • A stainless carriage Z3 CN 18.10 (304L) on polyethylene wheels,
  • A flexible hose,
  • A diaphragm pump body stainless with adjustable flow
  • Suction stainless cane Z3 NDT 17.12.02 (316L) (see the various models suggested below)
  • or
  • Manual nozzle Z3 CND 17.12.02 (316L)

 - Suction stainless cane for "liquids" + inert gas connection

  • type CALI IN...

 - Suction stainless cane for "liquids"

  • type CALI...

 - Suction stainless cane for "powder"

  • type CALI PO...

Manual nozzle                                                                              
  • Standard version: type PIST...NCAL

  • Insulated version: type PIST...CAL

  • Standard end nozzle

  • Specific end nozzle

  • "Atex" version


Sterilisable Autoclave - Temperature sensor socket - Massive PTFE adapter - Stainless container - Insulated flexible hose             


Sight glass & sight flow                                                                                                  

Inert gas block for barrel                                                                                      
Decantation glasses                                                                                


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